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OB05-011 Mermaid Merrow

OB05-011 Mermaid Merrow.jpg OB05-010 Little Mermaid MerrowThumbnailsOB05-012 Little Mermaid SirenOB05-010 Little Mermaid MerrowThumbnailsOB05-012 Little Mermaid Siren

OB05-011 Mermaid Merrow

Atribute: Water
Class : ☆☆☆

How To Get:
Little Mermaid Merrow [Level 10] + Mermaid fin

Appear Condition:
☆ Class total 7 ~ 12

Mermaid Merrow [Lv 10] + Forbidden medicine → Ice Wizard Merrow
Mermaid Merrow [Love of the Goddess ) + Apollon → Aphrodite

Drop Items:
Mermaid fin

Rating score
4.50 (2 rates)


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