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OB00-034 Warrior Tanta

OB00-034 Warrior Tanta.jpg OB00-035 Dark Warrior TantaThumbnailsOB05-032 GabrielOB00-035 Dark Warrior TantaThumbnailsOB05-032 Gabriel

Tipe: Warrior
Kelas: 2

Cara Mendapatkannya:
Setelah Bertarung

Kondisi kemunculan:
Kelas Tim 10★

Warrior Tanta in (Lv10) unconditional Advances → white knight Kufurin
Warrior Tanta + warrior tantalum or red of princess or the red of princess or warrior burn of the flame or magician → Arthur
Warrior Tanta + Usamiko or Usanushi or witch Ji or laurel → zero
Warrior Tanta + Mimitoshishi or Summoner chrysanthemum or Raijii or Doshu → Zeke
Warrior Tanta + Jibakugaeru or Lobo Nishiki or Demera → Rakushasa
Warrior Tanta (Lv1 ~ 10) + of darkness Hulbert → magic warrior Tanta
Warrior Tanta (Lv1 ~ 10) + red armor → Kabuto
Warrior Tanta (Lv1 ~ 10) + Ao armor → Kuwaga
Warrior Tanta ( tonic possession) + Rakushasa or black Dragoons Leon or Lethocerus deyrollei → heavy warrior clan
Warrior tantalum (Lv10) + brave sign → brave Tanta


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