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OB00-006 Kerogon

OB00-006 Kerogon.jpg OB00-005 TamagonThumbnailsOB00-007 UsamikoOB00-005 TamagonThumbnailsOB00-007 Usamiko

Cara memiliki :
Tamagon (Lv10) + Red Seoul

6☆ class total

Kerogon (red) (Lv10) Tasu Blue Seoul → Kerogon (blue)
Kerogon (red) (Lv10) Tasu yellow Seoul → Kerogon (yellow)
Kerogon (red) (Lv10) Tasu Green Seoul → Kerogon (green)
Kerogon (Red) ( Red spirit possession) + Red Dragon (Lv10) → Scar Red Dragon

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4.68 (4 rates)


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    The only part of the definition that these programs don meet is the "aim" part you right, these terminations are not, for the most part, carried out with the genetic composition of humanity in mind.
    But it is, as I said, "in effect" a eugenics program it has the same outcome as one. But you have a point; as a recovering shitlord, it was always logic and reasoning that made me realise what was up.

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